Mono Misty In St. Croix

Mono Misty In St. Croix

Over the last several year, 2000 Olympic champion Misty Hyman has taken her interests and talents to include open water swimming – and specifically the St. Croix Coral Reef Swim in the Virgin Islands. “I love St. Croix. It is literally a second home to me. I lived there from 2005 to 2008 after I discovered it when I came down for the race for the first time in 2004. I almost didn’t make my plane home on purpose.”

She often uses monofins where she mostly kicks along the surface with a FINIS front mount snorkel. “However, I occasionally enjoy submerging. The St. Croix race plan to have a monofin division next year.”

Mono fins were an important part of my skill development, starting in my age group years. They helped me acquire the proper ‘foil movement’ and train for the power that gave me excellent distance per kick, and a tremendous advantage on starts and turns.”

Photo by Randy Nutt.

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