The Most Influential People In USA Swimming

The Most Influential People In USA Swimming

Swimming World Magazine wrote about the key movers and shakers within the sport of swimming in the USA.

Sid Cassidy, was identified as the Open Water Swimming Guru, within USA Swimming, a description richly deserved. We have frequently referred to Sid as Mr. Open Water due to his influence and passionate behind-the-scenes work at the local, national and international levels.

Quite simply, the man’s fingerprints are everywhere.

Sid was aptly described by Managing Editor Jason Marsteller as follows, “Known as one of the most influential people within the sport of open water swimming, Cassidy is in a position to push for major change within the burgeoning sport. Once open water was given the credibility of being an Olympic sport with the addition of the 10K event at the 2008 Beijing Games, Cassidy’s overall influence potential skyrocketed.”

Sid was joined by Bob Bowman (North Baltimore Head Coach and Coach of Michael Phelps), Peter Carlisle (Michael Phelps’ Agent), Cullen Jones (Olympic Gold Medalist and Make a Splash Ambassador), John Leonard (American Swimming Coaches Association Executive Director), Evan Morgenstein (President and CEO of PMG Sports), Dale Neuburger (FINA Vice President), Aaron Peirsol (Olympic Gold Medalist and FINA Athletes’ Commission U.S. Representative), Michael Phelps (Olympic Gold Medalist), Eddie Reese (University of Texas Head Coach), Jack Roach (USA Swimming National Youth Team Head Coach), Mark Schubert (USA Swimming National Team Head Coach and General Manager), Trent Staley (USA Swimming Athlete Representative), Mike Unger (USA Swimming Assistant Executive Director), Chuck Wielgus (USA Swimming Executive Director), Jim Wood (USA Swimming President) and Carol Zaleski (FINA Technical Swimming Committee Chairperson) as the power brokers in the American swimming community.

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