Mother's Will Equaled By Son

Mother’s Will Equaled By Son

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Due to terrorist attack on Mumbai few years back, all sea events were discontinued and even fishing or sea transportation has been under great inspection.

But that did not stop Dr. Daya Rakshe to organize an open water swim for her son, Atharva Rakshe. “Getting permission from the various authorities was like swimming against the currents. Even when I called my usual boatman, he was doubtful to re-start his job.

But a mother’s will is a hard thing to stop.

But we eventually finished the venture without any problem on new route. Atharva’s success was essential for all marathon swimmers who wish to do solo swims in future in Mumbai. I think now sea commuters will start witnessing more human mermaids attempting their swims.”

16-year-old Rakshe became first and only swimmer to swim from the Gateway of India to Belapur Jetty in the Arabian Sea. He took 4 hours 49 minutes to complete the swim.

Dr. Rakshe is justifiably proud of her son’s feat. “Due to dyslexia, Atharva was considered lazy and a slow learner,” explained his coach Jitendra Khasnis. “The doctor diagnosed his dyslexia later. So she enrolled Atharva for swimming classes to improve his hand-eye coordination. I was unaware of his condition and had to shout at him during training. However, he shown great progress and won many medals at various levels. Considering his reserved, calm and introvert personality, we decided to put him into open water swimming that he likes very much.”

After finishing, Rakshe said, “I was not tired at all and felt like I have swum only half the distance. I wanted to swim further and will do so in future.”

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