Moving To Macau With White Dolphins

Moving To Macau With White Dolphins

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Simon Holliday is on his way on his 35 km Clean Cross Swim from Hong Kong to Macau today. Here are videos of the first few hours:

video 1 (in the shipping channel)
video 2 (container ship horn)
video 3 (container ship crossing)
video 4 (first feeding)
Video 5 (aerial view of swimmer, paddler, ship)
Video 6 (aerial view of swimmer)
Video 7 (feeding)
Video 8 (aerial view of escort boat and swimmer)
Video 9 (pink dolphins)
Video 10 (Walkerized with white dolphins)
Video 11 (heavily Walkerized with white dolphins)
Video 12 (post-ferry channel view)
Video 13 (final push)
Video 14 (finishing on Macau)

It’s a beautiful day out here,” reports Doug Woodring. “The pink dolphins have surrounded Simon for 45 minutes now. It is amazing.”

To make a donation for the Swim for Clarity, visit here. To follow Holliday on his Spot Tracker, visit here.

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