MovNat, A Natural In The Open Water

MovNat, A Natural In The Open Water

FRANCE. Erwan Le Corre from France is pushing his philosophy and way of life through MovNat. The catalyst behind MovNat’s clinics was his observation that many people have become the homo sapiens equivalent of cage, confined zoo animals. As a result of a lack of movement and exercise due to contemporary society’s reliance on escalators, elevators, cars and other modern-day conveniences, Erwan believes that chronic pain, depression and disease has become more prevalent in society.

In an interview with Jen Sinkler of Experience Life, Erwan explained, “I believe our true nature is to be strong, healthy, happy and free. I am fueled by beauty. I smell, I feel, I connect. It makes me thrive.”

As open water swimmers venture beyond the shorelines, they take the terra firma based concept of MovNat to its aquatic equivalent. “I feel wonderful when I am out swimming in the open water,” says Open Water Source’s Lexie Kelly who swam in China, Cayman Islands, Japan, Canada, Brazil and California in 2011 (shown above with Abby).

Swimming on the surface of the water and looking down on nature below, you can get lost in your thoughts while enjoying nature as it envelopes you. Sometimes, when you have to dive under a crashing wave or navigate through the waves back to shore, there is a bit of a thrill that not all is perfect and uniform. But that feeling of being a risk-taker is also part of open water swimming..”

MovNat … in the open water, an emerging trend for millions of competitive athletes and those who simply want to enjoy nature as it was meant to be.

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Steven Munatones