Mr. And Mrs. Line-up Together In The Tiburon Mile

Mr. And Mrs. Line-up Together In The Tiburon Mile

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The Olympic husband and wife duo of Keri-Anne Payne and David Carry will compete together at tomorrow’s RCP Tiburon Mile in San Francisco Bay.

Payne, the 2008 Olympic 10K marathon swim silver medalist, will line-up together at the start in the dual male-and-female elite heat with fellow British Olympic swimmer Carry.

Payne will face a tough field of Americans Christine Jennings, Ashley Twichell, Becca Mann, Tristin Baxter, and Stephanie Peacock in a winner-take-all pro race. Carry will face Americans Chip Peterson, Alex Meyer, Jordan Wilimovsky, Dan O’Connor and Eric Nilsson as well as Australian Michael Sheil.

The male elite champions over the years have included:

2013 Mateusz Sawrymowicz (Poland) 23:46
2012 Kane Radford (New Zealand) 21:43
2011 Kane Radford (New Zealand) 18:58
2010 Chip Peterson (USA) 22:52
2009 Kane Radford (New Zealand) 22:13
2008 Trent Grimsey (Australia) 20:31
2007 Vladimir Dyatchin (Russia) 18:20
2006 Vladimir Dyatchin (Russia) 21:32
2004 Chad Carvin (USA) 20:23
2003 Chad Carvin (USA) 18:51
2002 Chris Thompson (USA) 21:07
2001 Ryk Neethling (South Africa) 19:31
2000 Ryk Neethling (South Africa) 25:58
1999 Malcolm Allen (Australia) 21:26

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