Multi-tasking While Swimming Across The Pacific Ocean

Multi-tasking While Swimming Across The Pacific Ocean

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Open water swimmers have a great ability to multi-task as they balance their work, family and sport in what usually amounts to very long days that started out before the sun rises and ends long passed the sun sets.

But there is one particular long swim that will be multi-tasking at a level never seen before.

During Benoît Lecomte‘s 8,000 km 180-day stage swim, called The Longest Swim, across the Pacific Ocean from Tokyo to San Francisco, he will be doing much more than simply swimming 8 hours per day.

During this 6-month journey, Lecomte and his team will collect data for their research partners in order to better assess the state of the planet’s environment. The partners include Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, SEA Semester, and The Climate Group.

We’ll also use this unique opportunity with The Institute of Exercise and Environmental Medicine to monitor the physiological affect of this extreme challenge on the human body using NASA’s echo remote guidance.

Before, during and after the swim, our goal is to engage as many people as possible to sign up to our Magna Pledge. This tool is developed in collaboration with Professional Geologists, Environmental Scientists & Associates, our sustainability partner, and it lists examples of changes that we as individuals can all make to alleviate some of our negative impacts on the environment

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