Nap-pooling To The Open Water

Nap-pooling To The Open Water

Training twice a day or upping the training distance can be especially fatiguing, especially if you have a job or family or are a student.

But doing the rigorous two-a-day workouts can be made easier with a swim buddy or teammate who shares your compassion and willingness to train.

This is especially true if you live in the same area and carpool together to the pool and open water. For your swimming partner in a lane or in the open water can also serve as your co-driver in a swimmer’s carpool.

Mike Gustafson describes this luxury of teaming up with a co-driver as nap-pooling. That is, a nap-pool is a swimmer’s type of carpooling – or driving to swim practice together – with the understanding that the passenger gets to nap en route to practice.

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Steven Munatones