Natalie du Toit Overcomes Obstacles On Land And Sea

Natalie du Toit Overcomes Obstacles On Land And Sea

Lewis Pugh called to our attention an illustrative story about a true Olympian in mind and action.

He described an untold story about Natalie du Toit who was recently awarded South Africa’s highest honor – the Order of Ikhamanga (Gold Class).

Last year, Natalie got invited to an awards ceremony hosted by the President of South Africa where he was handing out honours for sport. However, a few days before the ceremony she got bitten on her leg by a spider. The bite got very badly infected and she had to be hospitalised..”

On the day of the ceremony, the doctors told Natalie that she had to stay in hospital. Do you think she listened to them? No. She walked out of the hospital and drove to the ceremony. The President awarded her the Order of Ikhamanga. I will never forget watching her struggle up onto stage on her one leg, which was now very swollen, to receive her gold medal. She then drove back to hospital and got into bed.”

Typically amazing of a champion in mind and action.

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Steven Munatones