Navigating Open Water In Nigeria

Navigating Open Water In Nigeria

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Sani Mohammed, the 67-year-old Senator who also serves as the General Secretary of the Nigeria Aquatics Federation [shown on left], is arranging the logistics and preparation for the Nigerian national open water swimming team to compete in the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia.

The Nigeria Aquatics Federation describes the history of swimming in its country, “Swimming has been in existence in riverine communities all over Nigeria even before Nigeria became the country that it is today. People living in various fishing communities learnt how to swim for survival purposes to prevent them from drowning whenever they went out in their boats to fish.

Swimming activities were also often part of various traditional festivals in many parts of the country.

In 1958, Nigeria which was still a British colony at the time sent a team of two swimmers (the late Job Ofongo and Horace Kantu) to the British Commonwealth & Empire Games in Cardiff, Wales

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