Nejib Belhedi Extends Invitation For Ouma

Nejib Belhedi Extends Invitation For Ouma

HASSAN BEACH, Tunisia. The 2011 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year Nejib Belhedi swims day after day along the coast of his native Tunisia, continuing to build awareness of open water swimming.

His 1400K Swim Across Tunisia started out as a one-man journey from western Tunisia last June.

Over the past several months, Nejib has gradually and relentlessly picked up momentum, generated media attention, and recruited swimming partners along the way as he swims his way to the eastern border of Tunisia.

For any open water swimmer who wishes to join with Nejib, he has arranged free accommodations in a well-equipped guest housing near the Mediterranean Sea in Mahdia, owned by Professor Salem Brahim. “I accompanied Nejib to Hassan Beach. We gave a new name to a building in his honor, The Peach Guest Home, as a tribute to his swim of peace across Tunisia. It is only a few meters from the Mediterranean in Mahdia.”
I encourage swimmers to take part with me in the Swim of Peace,” said Nejib fresh from his latest swim in Hassen Beach that was covered by Al Kass TV from Qatar. “The swimmers will also be escorted by local pilots as part of our local spirit of ouma.

Do ouma, or swimming in the sea, together with Nejib on a world record setting 1400K Swim Across Tunisia.

For more information on joining in with Nejib and the free accommodations, contact Nejib Belhedi directly via email.

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