Nejib Belhedi Pulls 100 Tons 550 Meters In World Iron Swim

Nejib Belhedi Pulls 100 Tons 550 Meters In World Iron Swim

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Nejib Belhedi keeps increasing his weight…pulled.

On October 23rd, he pulled three boats, weighing a collective 100 tons, 550 meters in 32 minutes 30 minutes through the Bizerta Channel as part of his World Iron Swim Series in Tunisia. This attempt broke his previous World Iron Swim record where he pulled 70 tons 350 meters in the water in December 2015 in the Port El Kantaoui.

There was no assistance by a marine current and the wind was unfavorable,” he reported. “I enabled myself to focus on a mindset that let my body be elevated in a higher working state.

Sometimes, during my inspiration, I looked at the blocks of buildings on the shores of Bizerta Channel rolling by as I swam on. I said goodbye to those buildings that I passed and hello to those buildings that arrived. I engaged this in order to achieve the distance. Sometimes during the swim, I forgot that I was swimming with my full power pulling along 100 tons. I found myself always psyched up with boundless energy

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