Nejib Belhedi Pushing To The Extreme, Across The Mediterranean Sea From Italy To Tunisia

Nejib Belhedi Pushing To The Extreme, Across The Mediterranean Sea From Italy To Tunisia

Update 7/1/2022 What Happened from Start to Finish of Nejib Belhedi’s Swim Between Italy and Tunisia?

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Nejib Belhedi is a former member of the Tunisian special forces so he was trained to push himself to the extreme under the highest levels of stress and duress. Upon his retirement, he has continued to push himself to the extreme.

This August he will attempt a 155 km swim across the Mediterranean Sea. He explains, “I know my expected swim from Europe to Africa (Tunisia) is a great challenge. In 1995, I swam 72 km from Pantelleria, Italy to Kelibia, Tunisia at the age of 45, a Sicilian Channel Swim. However, I am now 69 years old instead of being 45 in the old days. 155 km is double the distance that I swam in 1995. In addition, I have experienced open heart surgery and a hip replacement surgery. But, I believe that the true change comes from the inside, emanating to the outside, and then back inside as a continuous process.”

One of his sponsors Skycam produced a short training film of his preparations at the Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa Yasmine Hammamet Hôtel, his land training base to ultimately cross the Gulf of Hammamet. Belhedi explains, “I have developed my support team and readiness that makes this Europe-to-Tunisia Swim possible as an entire nation that works together. In addition to SkyCam and Hasdrubal Yasmine Hammamet, support has been provided by the Ministry of Defense (Sea Army), the Governorate of Sousse, Notre Grand Bleu, the Tourism Ministry, the Office National du Tourisme Tunisien Sport Ministry, SINSO, and other private sponsors.”

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