Courtesy of Phil White, Kingdom Games, Vermont.

Phil White, Director of the Kingdom Games made a recent appeal to the Friends of the Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association, “During the past decade, we have grown open water swimming in the legendary lakes of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont from one day to over 15; from one lake to 8; from 100 swimmers the first year to several hundreds each summer; from 1, 3, and 10-mile swims to 25-mile (even 50-mile) international swims. And, in the winter we offer the only 25-meter, two-lane pool cut in the ice in all of North America.

Members of this “Tribe” of Kingdom Swimmers have traveled to Vermont from over 40 states and Canadian provinces, and from as far away as Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, India, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Latvia, Finland, and Russia.

Kingdom Games d/b/a the Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association (NEKOWSA) organizes and hosts these swims. We are a small business (that pays taxes). We are built on the model of Newman’s Own: we donate any and all net profits to charity. During the past two years that has amounted to about 5% of gross revenues, We also offer 10 days of running, biking, and ice skating events. See, our slideshow, Newport, Vermont – The Home of Kingdom Games.

Our swims need motorized boats for safety. Most of these “patrol boats” are provided and piloted by community volunteers, committed to the adventure and to our mission.

We own one small hand-built wooden dory that we use to support these swims. Friends have donated a couple of pontoon boats over the years. But, one of those pontoons has been sold and is no longer available. As swimming grows, we have become thin in support. To address this, we have just contracted to purchase a used pontoon boat and trailer for US$6,000.

We are looking to raise funds for this purchase through a Go Fund Me Campaign, so that we don’t have to take out an equipment loan. The pontoon boat will be used at Kingdom Swim, In Search of Memphre, NEK Swim Week and individual solo swims throughout the summer.

Please join the Friends of NEKOWSA, contribute to the NEKOWSA Boat Fund, and support the growth of open water swimming in the glorious lakes of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

Contribute here. Every contribution, large or small, gets us closer to the goal. One stroke at a time, and big things are possible

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