NEKOWSA Open Water Swim Season Gets Underway

NEKOWSA Open Water Swim Season Gets Underway

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

“It’s on,” reports Phil White.

The open water swim season in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont got under way on June 18th. Five swimmers – all women – set out from Prouty Beach under sunny skies, light winds, air temperatures rising into the 70’ºFs and 80’ºFs and water temps at the surface starting at 65ºF (18ºF) and ending at 69-70ºF (20-21ºC). All completed their 6-mile swims with excellent times.”

A special nod goes to 12-year-old Vera Rivard, finishing off 6 miles without a wetsuit in 2:51. Even though this swim is not billed as a race, it was great watching Vera and Natalie Lang duke it out in the final mile.”

The next swim on the NEKOWSA circuit is the Son of a Swim on July 2nd. “We still have room for 4 more swimmers. Registration remains open for Kingdom Swim on July 30th, but closes on July 2nd. Kingdom Swim offers 1, 3, 6.1, 10, and 15.85-mile swim options. To register,

In addition to our sixth 25-mile In Search of Memphre on September 10th, this year we have added three new marathon swims on Lake Memphremagog

*18-mile Skinner Island/Smuggler’s Cave Swim on July 9th
*15-mile Georgeville or Bust on July 18th
*25-mile Memphre Relay on August 1st

Also, during the week of August 13th through August 21st, NEKOWSA offers swims in 8 lakes over the course of 9 days for a total of 45 miles with the option to double up on each lake. On line registration will remain open for Swim the Kingdom Week through August 10th at”

Son of a Swim Results
1. Charlotte Brynn (age 50) 2 hours 38 minutes, Cynthia Needham kayaker
2. Vera Rivard (12) 2 hours 51 minutes, Darcie Rivard kayaker
3. Natalie Lang (38) 2 hours 52 minutes, Gordon Lang kayaker
4. Elaine Scholtz (54) 3 hours 5 minutes, Jeff Scholtz kayaker
5. Theresa Peck (49) 3 hours 7 minutes, Ginny Peck kayaker

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