New Convenience Online Offered In Santa Barbara

New Convenience Online Offered In Santa Barbara

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Touch screen panels, GPS, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, gel packs, FaceBook, GoPro, iPhones, ring tones.

So many things have changed the way open water swimmers of the 21st century conduct their lives and organize and promote their swims compared with the swimmers of the 20th century.

The Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association is continuously providing new services to its growing community. Most recently, the SBCSA has implemented an online application process.

The previous process was painfully long for our swimmers while the distribution, review and analysis of each applicant was a daunting task for SBCSA’s board of directors,” explains president Scott Zorning. “In keeping with our environmental goals, our new digital application saves time, postage and paper.

Swimmers can complete the new online application in less than 10 minutes and SBCSA’s application review committee can now instantly,quickly and effectively collaborate online

So the snail mail and fax communications of the 20th century are a thing of the past in Santa Barbara. Everything is now online, quick and efficient for channel crossings, island circumnavigations, and island-to-island marathon swims.

For more information, visit here. The new online offering is brought to the open water world by Scott Zornig (President), Jane Cairns (Historian and Secretary), Rob Dumouchel (Marketing Coordinator), Cherié Edborg (Treasurer), Lynn Kubasek (Apparel Coordinator), Evan Morrison (Applications Coordinator & Web Developer), Julian Rusinek, Theo Schmeeckle (Safety Coordinator), and Dave Van Mouwerik (Vice President & Observer Coordinator).

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