A New Perspective On Nutrition by Dr. Peter Attia

A New Perspective On Nutrition by Dr. Peter Attia

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A. Dr. Peter Attia, an accomplished open water swimmer who has crossed the Catalina Channel, stopped by and visited with OpenWaterSwimming.com (presented via a webinar).

His presentation was shook the foundations of assumed nutrition advice and was very well-received. In simplified terms, Dr. Attia expressed a view of nutrition that is not held by contemporary conventional wisdom: simple carbohydrates are bad and fat is good.

Dr. Attia has immersed himself in this area of study and has gone so far as to rigorously test the tenants of what is termed a ‘keto-adaptive” diet on himself,by measuring and analyzing his own physiological and performance outcomes of this diet. With an impressive volume of objective scientific data, he proved that by limiting carbohydrates and increasing fat and protein sources in his diet, he could improve his body composition and metabolic responses to exercise.

In short, he’s fitter, faster and can go longer at higher intensities – in short, a better endurance athlete.

Unfortunately, technical difficulties prevented the full recording of the webinar. However, OpenWaterSwimming.com will showcase more of Dr. Attia’s research and results as it may prove valuable for better swimming and better living for many.

Click here to download a copy of Dr. Attia’s presentation.

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