The Next Big Thing In Open Water Swimming

The Next Big Thing In Open Water Swimming

The Daily News of Open Water Swimming observes that trends begin and develop slowly in the sport of open water swimming, at least relative to sports like snowboarding, triathlon and basketball.

One trend that is appearing on the horizon is the use of aerial photography at open water swims.

From use of kites to take pictures at the Liberty Island Swim in New York City and remote controlled helicopters at the Midmar Mile in South Africa to traditional helicopters at the Flowers Sea Sea in the Cayman Islands and at the New Zealand Ocean Swim Series, taking photographs from above produces some gorgeous photography.

Phil White of the Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association is an example of another race promoter jumping on the bandwagon, “Dave and Beth Bouffard will be the official aerial photographers of the Kingdom Swim and Willoughby Swim. We are very happy to have them aboard.”

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Steven Munatones