Next Gen Blossoming At Canadian Age Group Championships

Next Gen Blossoming At Canadian Age Group Championships

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Swimming Canada continues to provide open water swimming opportunities for their next generation of elite distance freestyle swimmers.

15-year-old Chantel Jeffrey won the girls 14-18 5 km event at the Canadian Age Group Championships in Calgary on Monday.

Jeffrey, who also won the 1500m freestyle in the pool, finished in 58 minutes 58.46 seconds ahead of University of Victoria-Pacific Coast Swimming’s Erin Jennings (59:13.28) and the Calgary Patriots’ Marit Anderson (59:44.84).

[The game plan was] to go out fast – but keep my length,” Jeffrey said. “Usually I panic a bit during open water. This time I felt really strong, and that was my game plan. On the last lap you pretty much go for it and see what happens. I definitely like the feeling I had today with my length and strength. I’m definitely going to keep the strategy of trying to go my fastest on the last lap.”

Alex Woinoski of the Simon Fraser Aquinas Club won the boys 14-18 5 km race in 54:36.51, followed by Brodie Young (57:03.53) and Cascade Swim Club’s Matthew Ketchin (57:07.60).

Fifteen girls and 12 boys in the age 12-13 division competed in the 2.5 km race. Anthony Gutierrez, Michael McGillivray, and Mathieu Cyr finished 1-2-3 in 24:23.68, 24.27.76, and 24:29.53 respectively.

You just have to believe in yourself, if you don’t do that you won’t win,” Gutierrez said. “It’s just a matter being ready and being warmed up – making sure that you weren’t down or being lazy. Sometimes races don’t start when you get in the water, but they start behind the blocks.”

Geneviève Louis-Seize won the girls 12-13 2.5 km race in 26:37.36 followed by Charlie Ford (26:52.47) and Brooklyn Douthwright (27:03.53).

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