Nick Adams On Dealing With Little People

Nick Adams On Dealing With Little People

Nick Adams, who started channel swimming as a teenager, gave a presentation at the 2013 Global Open Water Swimming Conference on how to develop the next generation for open water swimmers.

I started in 1992 when the world of swimming was a very different place.”

There are also the extremes in the sport who ended up leading to changes in the minimum ages of swimmers in the sport. Adams explained, “Rihem Mehta (11:33) and Rupali Ramdas Repale (11:36) were younger swimmers who did the English Channel. They were successful in life [as professionals], but they never did much in the open water swimming world after doing their English Channel crossing.”

In trying to determine the minimum age for marathon swimming, Adams asked the audience to explain when they first got into the sport. Then he compared how marathon swimming compares to other sports? Marathon running generally has an 18-year-old minimum while 16-18 year old swimmers are the minimum in the sport of open water swimming.

Adams explained key issues for dealing with little people:

1. Keep them safe
2. Communication with parents
3. Communication with their schools
4. Tell the truth
5. Never show you’re scared
6. Never say “You’ll won’t be able to…”
7. “Too much too soon” risk
8. Be the unpopular “brake” if you need to

It is our duty to help develop these little people.”

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Steven Munatones