Night Train Meets Cyprus Israel In Aquatic Park

Night Train Meets Cyprus Israel In Aquatic Park

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Unlike the other niche disciplines in the aquatics world, the leading powers of the distance relay world rarely get together. Michael Phelps has raced against Ian Thorpe. Great games have been frequently played between the world’s great water polo powers. Divers face each other and professional marathon swimmers face off in FINA competitions all the time. Marathon swimmers meet in Sandycove and Dover.

But representatives of distance relay teams almost never get together. The rare event is like a three-way crossing of the English Channel.

Relay specialists only learn of each other via information found online and usually only see each others photos in social media. Even emails and telephone calls are surprisingly infrequent.

Sun Rice Australia, Sport City Mexico, Taupo x 3, Camlough Team, Mexican American Unity Swim, Ventura Deep Six, Marina Martinique Marathon, Team FTD, Night Train Swimmers, Cyprus Israel Swim, Delphinus and the The Sea Hawk relay teams compete for distance virtually and literally only on paper.

But this week in Aquatic Park in San Francisco, there was a rare encounter of a special kind.

Vito Bialla of the Night Train Swimmers met, talked and trained with Ori Sela of the Cyprus Israel Swim.

As can be expected, they hit it right off and all kinds of ideas were tossed out and discussed.

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Steven Munatones