Night Train Swimmers Breaks Lake Relay Record

Night Train Swimmers Breaks Lake Relay Record

The Night Train Swimmers broke the existing non-stop lake relay record this morning a little after 3 am on Lake Powell in Arizona and Utah. They celebrated with a honk of the horn from their mother ship and continued on through the night – filled with choppy, but warm, waters.

The Mexican American Unity Swim team finished in 55 hours 20 minutes and 25 seconds over their goal of 108 nautical miles (200 km).

It feels good,” said Vito Bialla aboard the mother ship waiting for his ninth one-hour rotation in the water. “This place [Lake Powell] is fantastic. The scenery is outstanding and the people have been so cooperative. But now there are probably going to be all kinds of teams going after the record. This is the place to do it – warm, calm water.”

Both photos show Hall of Famer Nora Toledano.

It had majestic scenery (see first video below) and plenty of transitions between swimmers performed in the pitch darkness of night.

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Steven Munatones