Night Train Swimmers, Offering Of The Year Nominee

Night Train Swimmers, Offering Of The Year Nominee

Night Train Swimmers are big in every way. Big challenges. Big personalities. Big money. They not only raised US$1.2 million on behalf of Semper Fi, but they also made a valiant attempt to swim from San Francisco to Santa Barbara where they lasted for 6 days out in the open ocean before blooms of jellyfish ended their venture.

The Night Train Swimmers is among the 20 nominees for the 2012 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year.

The new World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year award is meant to identify products and services that (1) best support and assist open water swimmers achieve their goals, (2) are innovative, unique and beneficial to open water swimmers, race directors, coaches or administrators, and (3) have made the most positive impact on the world of open water swimming during the calendar year.

The nominations are meant to recognize some of the best and innovative commercial and free offerings that open water swimmers can enjoy.

Extreme swimmers, disabled swimmers, ice swimmers, marathon swimmers, professional swimmers, administrators, coaches, pilots, and swimmers from all walks of life have used, purchased and benefited from an increasingly number of products and services introduced over the few years.

The nomination of the Night Train Swimmers reads,

The Night Train Swimmers provide an ongoing opportunity to marathon swimmers of the hardiest kind. In a selfless effort to bring awareness and financial support to a number of non-profit organizations with Semper Fi at its core, the group of swimmers from the San Francisco area envisions marathon swims that require the ultimate of audacity and courage. The longer, the colder, the rougher the conditions are, the more engaged the Night Train Swimmers become – and seemingly the more money they raise for good causes. They welcome the unexpected. They relish on risk. They love the challenge. They encourage only those hardened enough and selfless enough to join their mission: to improve the lives of people around the world by raising money for non-profit organizations through unprecedented marathon swims. For their vision, selflessness and seeking their potential in the most inhospitable conditions possible, the Night Train Swimmers are a worthy nominee for the 2012 WOWSA Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year.”

The 2012 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year nominees are (listed in alphabetical order):

1. Big River Man by Martin Strel
2. Channel Swimmers’ Chat Group by Nick Adams
3. Cork Distance Week by Ned Denison
4. FINIS SwiMP3 X18 by John Mix
5. Foggle by Karen Smidt-Allard
6. In My Element by Theodore Yach
7. iSwimToo by Stephen Coulter
8. Marathon Swimmers Forum by Evan Morrison & Donal Buckley
9. Midmar Mile Facebook Integration by Wayne Riddin
10. Night Train Swimmers by Vito Bialla
11. Ocean Care Solutions by Ron Adley
12. Open Water Swimming Insurance by Travis England
13. Oceans Seven Project by Red Bull Media House
14. RC Helicam by Andrew Martens
15. SWIM Channel by Patrick Wrinkler 16. SwimIT by Rick Senn
17. SwimPhone by Club Assistant
18. SwimTrek by Simon Murie
19. TakeItLive by Chris Lundie
20. Toa o le Tai Program by Bruckner Chase
21. The Henley Swim by Tom Kean

Online voting will take place here at WOWSA until December 31st.

The Night Train Swimmers is a group of San Francisco Bay Area open water swimmers who work together to improve the lives of people around the world by raising money for various non-profit organizations. This all-volunteer organization was founded in 2008 and started with a five-person relay crossing of the English Channel. They have gradually racketed up the level of intensity and difficulty since then.

The Night Train Swimmers has since grown in membership and impact each year since with marathon relay swims in the Sea of Cortez in Mexico, Lake Powell bordering the states of Arizona and Utah, to the Farallon Islands off the coast of San Francisco, and down the coast of California. Its ultimate mission is to swim for charity.

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