Nik Haynes Going About It All Backwards

Nik Haynes Going About It All Backwards

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Nik Haynes is a former American collegiate swimmer who set school records at Towson University in Maryland in backstroke.

My goal is to become the fastest and third person* in history to swim backstroke across the English Channel while raising money for WaterAid to help millions of people in the developing countries of Africa, Asia and Central America to gain access to safe drinking water and sanitation.”

Why backstroke?

I’m generally more comfortable swimming on my back,” Haynes explained. “My backstroke is nearly as fast as my freestyle. When I started researching, I found out that only two people have ever done it backstroke before and the record is very attainable for me as a backstroke specialist.”

To learn more about his swim and cause, visit here.

* Tina Neill (U.S.A. 13 hours 22 minutes in 2005) and Haydn Welch (UK, 17 hours 2 minutes in 1993).

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