Nile Swimmers Saving Lives In The Open Water

Nile Swimmers Saving Lives In The Open Water

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Nile Swimmers are a pod of open water swimmers and lifeguards in Sudan that train lifesaving and swimming instructors who live alongside the Nile River in Africa.

Organised by Dan Graham, Tom Mecrow and Dominic Roberton, the Nile Swimmers Project is an innovative drowning prevention programme based in Africa. The Project focusses on developing the water safety skills and knowledge of community leaders – so they can pass it on to their communities in a sustainable way.

The three co-founders all share a passion about drowning prevention. Graham has taught water safety and rescue skills in a variety of environments for over 15 years. Mecrow has a significant amount of experience working on public health programmes in low income countries with a particular focus on drowning prevention. Roberton played an active role in British University Life Saving Clubs’ Association.

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