No Changes To USMS Open Water Swimwear In 2010

No Changes To USMS Open Water Swimwear In 2010

Heather Hagadorn, Chairwoman of the new USMS Long Distance Swimming Committee, publicly addressed the ongoing situation of swimwear for open water events.

Heather announced on the USMS website forum that there are no changes in the swimwear rules for USMS open water swimming events.

Nothing will change when/if FINA updates its open water swimwear rules in June. USMS rules for open water allow for the same swimwear as in 2009. Information regarding legal 2009 swimsuits are located in the USMS rules.”

According to Heather, “The USMS House of Delegates, Long Distance, and Open Water Development Committees will consider new open water swimwear rules when they meet at the annual USMS Convention in September, 2010, but not before then.” The USMS swimwear rules that apply to 2010 open water swimming events are:

303.6 Swimwear

303.6.1 Swimwear shall be the same as defined in articles 102.14.1 and 102.14.7 . Goggles, ear plugs, watches, and grease shall be allowed. The suit shall be made of a porous material.

102.14.1 Design – The swimsuits worn for competition shall be nontransparent and conform to the current concept of the appropriate. The referee shall have authority to bar offenders from competition until they comply with this rule.

102.14.7 Advertising-Products involving tobacco, alcohol or pharmaceuticals containing drugs banned under IOC or FINA rules may not be advertised, but the advertiser’s name only may be used. Offenders may be barred from competition until they comply with this rule.

303.6.2 Swim cap(s), including those made of neoprene, may be permitted. Swim caps shall be defined as head gear conforming to a traditional swim cap design and shall not extend to protect the neck or shoulders.

303.6.3 Wetsuits may be allowed at the discretion of the event director when the water temperature does not exceed 78°F. If awards are given to wetsuit competitors, they shall be awarded separately from those for non-wetsuit competitors. Any published results or records must clearly indicate which swimmers wore wetsuits.

303.6.4 Devices used to maintain body heat are illegal, except for those listed in
articles 303.6.1, 303.6.2 and 303.6.3.

303.6.5 Flotation or propulsive devices are not permitted, apart from those listed in
articles 303.6.2 and 303.6.3, except in designated events where all swimmers are using similar devices.

303.6.6 A wrist watch may be worn in open water competition.

Photo at the 2009 Nike Swim Miami start by George Kamper, one of the world’s most accomplished open water swimming photographers.

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