No Lottery.  No Sponsors.  No Bull.  No Way.

No Lottery. No Sponsors. No Bull. No Way.

Sometimes, we hear of an extreme sporting endeavor and say, “No way.”

The Uberman, known as the world’s hardest endurance race, is one such multi-sport endeavor.

As race visionary and organizer Daniel Bercu explains, “Uberman is the world’s most challenging Ultra Triathlon.  The 895 km course goes from the shores of Avalon on Santa Catalina Island to the heights of Mount Whitney.  Starting on Catalina Island, participants swim 20.2 miles in the Pacific Ocean to the shores of Palos Verdes [the traditional Catalina Channel crossing].

The 644 km bike route leaves Los Angeles and climbs 20,000 vertical feet (6,096 meters) before descending to Badwater basin, at 86 meters below sea level, the lowest point in North America. From Badwater, athletes run 135 miles (217 km) through Death Valley before ascending 13,000 feet (3,962 meters) to the trailhead @ Mt Whitney, the highest peak in the continental United States.

The race does not entail thousands of participants vying for a hundred spots. There are no multi-million dollar corporate sponsors. All aid stations and race support crews are provided by each athlete. Uberman is for those unique individuals who want the ultimate challenge, without all the hype.”

The cost is free.

The 2021 race started October 10th.

The annual winners include:

2020 solo: Rob Decou in 157 hours 2 minutes with a 25 hour 39 minute Catalina Channel wetsuit crossing [see photo above]

2020 relay: Catherine Breed (10 hour 13 minute Catalina Channel crossing) + James Lawrence (bike) + Casey Robles in 71 hours 34 minutes

2019 men: Adam Scully in 125 hours 45 minutes with a 13 hour 45 minute Catalina Channel wetsuit crossing

2019 women: Melisa Urie in 135 hours 55 minutes with a 11 hour 54 minute Catalina Channel wetsuit crossing

2018: Gerard Charlton in 166 hours 40 minutes [see photo below]

2017: Tim Garrett in 214 hours 30 minutes

2016: Giorgio Alessi in 190 hours 49 minutes with 17 hour 2 minute Catalina Channel wetsuit crossing

Gerard Charlon, 2018 winner

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