No Swimming Before Work In Hollywood

No Swimming Before Work In Hollywood

Alexandra Paul is a prolific Hollywood film and television actress and activist.

She also has a love of marathon swims in tropical waters. Sh has done marathon swims in Fiji (19 km), Bonaire (10 km), Maui (9.6 miles) and Key West (12.5 miles) between her television hosting and film appearances.

Spending so much time in front of the camera and in the water, she knows open water swimming is good for the body, but not necessarily for the eyes…at least before work.

In a Swimming World TV interview with Jeff Commings, Paul explains from her Los Angeles home, “…I wouldn’t have been able to swim beforehand because you get goggle marks. I don’t know if I have goggle marks now, but you get goggle marks for a few hours and they really show up on camera. So I would have had to swim at night, which is not my preference. I’m really an early bird. I like to do all my training in the morning.”

When pressed by Commings that Hollywood makeup artists can cover up the goggle marks, she described the reality, “It doesn’t work. I’ve tried [laughs]. You can’t. They are just deep indentations, and the cameras nowadays, high def and everything, ah, it shows everything.”

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