No Thank You, We Are On A Chase

No Thank You, We Are On A Chase

Images courtesy of on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro.

Jarrod Poort‘s lead had grown to 1 minute 15 seconds, but as the men head into the fourth and final lap, the trailing pack has chopped his lead to 40 seconds.

There is a sense of urgency among the chase group as they are really swimming fast now, trying to reel in Poort. They skipped their feeds on the last lap.

American Jordan Wilimovsky, French Marc-Antoine Olivier, Tunisian Ous Mellouli, British Jack Burnell, Brazilian Allan do Carmo, and Canadian Richard Weinberger are all giving desperate chase.

But the trailing pack is constantly changing formation, shape and direction, occasionally splitting up into two chase groups and then coming together. Confusion reigns, but Poort remains confident and still swimming with a commanding lead of 24 seconds.

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Steven Munatones