Nominations Called For END-WET Marathon Adventure

Courtesy of END-WET, Red River, North Dakota.

What do Darren Miller, Jen Schumacher, Annaleise Carr, Sarah Thomas, and Jeff Utsch have in common?

They have been the guest swimmers of the END-WET 36-mile (57.9 km) marathon swim down the Red River between Grand Forks, North Dakota and Oslo, Minnesota in the United States.

END-WET is looking for nominations for this year’s event. Athletes of similar stature and talents like Miller, Schumacher, Carr, Thomas and Utsch.

The organizers have annually selected swimmers who are open water swimming ambassadors. “They’ve all been some of the most awesomely nice people we’ve ever met.

Again this year, we’re asking you, the swimming community, for your nominations. Who exemplifies open water swimming and/or marathon swimming to you? Who has a story to share, or exemplifies sport in a positive way? Tell us who you’re nominating and why. We’ll pick someone and cover their flight, lodging, and food while they’re here.

Free race for the price of a short talk? Heck yeah.

2017 travel scheduling is happening now, so send in those nominations ASAP – we plan on figuring this all out by February

To nominate, visit here or email

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Steven Munatones