Non-stop Action At The Camlough Lake Water Festival

Non-stop Action At The Camlough Lake Water Festival

It started with a dream and a discussion and ended up as a recognized world record by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Starting tomorrow, the three-day Camlough Lake Water Festival will carry on and expand upon the tradition, excitement and festivities from last year’s world record swim.

On a kick-off on September 17th, a reunion of the world record holders will kick-off the celebration with a 1.5K swim. The event continues with an open water water polo tournament with teams coming from all over Europe. Then a Swim by Moonlight will enable participants to enjoy the excitement and challenge of swimming under the cover of darkness.

A Junior Aquathon (swim + run) follows on the next day and a Senior Aquathon (0.75K swim + 2K run) competition that is a form of the Last Man Standing. The event is an innovative knockout event where the participants continue completing the course until no other rivals remain. After the heat, the slower participants are eliminated until there is one Last (Wo)man Standing. A tactical race that requires strategy and endurance will surely entertain the crowds and push the competitors to their limits.

The PTL Swimming Gala will include 50 meters of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle in a 50-meter course in the open water of the lake. There are also kaayak races, synchronized swimming exhibitions, live music with plenty of food and a Midnight Swim to culminate the second day.

On the third day, there is a triathlon, water skiing competition and a lots of open water swimming races including a 0.75K Junior Swim, the Irish Long Distance Swimming Association Camlough Lake 10K Open Water Swim, the Irish Long Distance Open Water 5K Juvenile All-Ireland Championships, the Irish Long Distance Swimming Association Camlough Lake 5K Open Water Swim and the Lake Festival 5K Wetsuit Challenge.

To culminate the open water activities on the final day, Brian of Bangor Boats will provide a fascinating history of swimming the North (Irish) Channel from his first-person perspective as a registered Irish Long Distance Swimming Association pilot.

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