Norway Ice Swimming Expedition

Norway Ice Swimming Expedition

Norway Ice Swimming Expedition

Courtesy of Ger Kennedy, Mikkelvik Brygge (70° 3′ 12.312” N 19° 1′ 55.2396” E ), Norway. Photo courtesy of Siobhan Russell.

In addition to leading and organizing, Antarctica 2020, Ger Kennedy is leading and organizing an upcoming Ice Swimming Expedition in northern Norway in Mikkelvik Brygge in early March.

It is classified as a Polar Ice Swim due to its GPS location,” the Irishman explains. “The Polar Ice Mile as part of the Ice Sevens with the expected sea water temperature to be between 2-3°C with the air temperature to be between -5°C and -10°C.

Besides himself, Jamie Monahan, Rory Fitzgerald, and Kate Steels-Fryatt will attend a Polar Ice Mile. The others including Arik Thormahlen, Alice Kennedy, Searon McGrattan, Pakie Bolster and Mary Rose Burke will swim between 500m and 1000m.

Kennedy explains how he located this venue. “I found it about a year ago. A safe swimming location was the objective and I was trying to find a location at 70°N without incurring a huge cost. This was originally a small fishing tourist location with new houses built and completed in July 2016.

I found a private boat used for killer whale watching and sightseeing and we are able to do night ice swimming under the Northern Lights. The venue is about 50m from a house and a sauna and local medical EMT is available. It is a hike to the local ice lake for ice diving and it is a future location to bring other swimming groups now that initial contact has been established

A future plan is for this to be part of the Antarctica 2020 swim. This would enable us to swim a mile in both Polar Circles.”

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