Nothing Great Is Easy, Especially At 8.3ºC

Nothing Great Is Easy, Especially At 8.3ºC

When loads of smiles and an ambiance of excitement meet nippy water and cold air (at 8.3ºC or 46.9ºF) at the shores of Dover, it must mean the English Channel training sessions have begun in earnest.

Nick Adams, President of the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation, lovingly remarked on the first group swimming session in May in Dover, “The water is unusually cold at the moment in the UK, at least 2ºC lower than usual. Let’s hope it warms up before swimmers start going out!”

There will be some major swims and record attempts made across the English Channel this upcoming 2013 season as the hopes and dreams of hundreds of channel swimmers around the world will always cross paths with fate. For a lucky few, the conditions will be ideal. But for many others, the English Channel will test their skills, abilities, and fortitude like no other physical feat they will ever attempt in their life.

For additional photos from this week’s training sessions, visit here.

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Steven Munatones