Now You See It, Now You Don't: Nukasiga Sand Bar

Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Nukasiga Sand Bar

One of the most unusual starts of any open water swim in the world takes place on a sand bar that is not visible for much of the day.

The Nukasiga Sand Bar is the start of the 2.7K Fiji Swims, the brainchild of David Handley.

The swimmers assemble on Treasure Island and are told to “start in the direction away from the finish, swim through a narrow channel, take a left past the coral reef, swim parallel to Beachcomber Island and then head for the finish on Treasure Island, keeping the buoys to your left.” Onshore, the instructions may sound a bit complicated, but once the swimmers run off the sand bar and hit the crystal-clear waters surrounding the tropical paradise, it just makes complete sense.

When the timing is right, the swimmers are shuttled out from Treasure Island to the sand bar. Shimmering like a bald spot just cracking the surface of a blanket of tropical hues of blue, the sand bar is an oasis in the middle of a gorgeous venue.

As the swimmers head out to the sand bar, questions of “Where is it?” are answered by “Right there” followed by outstretched arms pointing off into the horizon. Upon walking on the granular landform, smiles and laughter are mixed in with thoughts of “Oh, I should have brought my camera!”

For it is a picture-perfect setting for an open water swim.

Photos by Michael Sheil. Video by Oceanswims.

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Steven Munatones