Nowhere Else Does Every Brush With Nature Feel So Intense

Nowhere Else Does Every Brush With Nature Feel So Intense

Back in 2012, the inaugural Skellig Rock Swim was held. It was a 3.5 km open water swim held around Skellig Michael, part of the Skellig Islands. These are small, steep, and rocky islands that includes Little Skellig. The event, a charity swim named one of the World’s Top 100 Island Swims, supported the Ballinskelligs Inshore Rescue and was organized by the Valentia Island Triathlon Club.

In film lore, Skellig Island is where Star Trek’s Luke Skywalker spent his lengthy retreat in isolation amid its steep cliffs and craggy peaks.  Located 13 kilometers off the coast of Ireland’s mainland, Skellig Island had an Christian monastery that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site built by 6th century monks who sought to preserve many of the world’s books from destruction during the Dark Ages.  Today, the island is inhabited by a population of puffins.

The islands are featured in IRELAND, a MacGillivray Freeman film narrated by actor Liam Neeson. Greg MacGillivray explains, “IRELAND is a journey to a magical land of stunning natural wonders, ancient clifftop marvels, and a rich, cultural heritage. Irish writer Manchán Magan, violinist Patricia Treacy, and four Irish teens on a cross-country adventure as they explore the island of Ireland’s fascinating history and wild, natural beauty, and reconnect with their Irish heritage. Experience the cultural wonders of Dublin and Belfast and discover such spectacular natural landmarks as the giant Cliffs of Moher, the volcanic wonder of Giant’s Causeway and the rugged Skellig Islands, where scientists are studying the Atlantic puffin population.”

For more information on the film, visit here.

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