Number 20 For A 51-Year-Old Dutch Wonder Woman

Number 20 For A 51-Year-Old Dutch Wonder Woman

51-year-old Irene van der Laan, an Honour Swimmer in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame from the Netherlands, completed her 20th Faros Maratón, the 16 km pro race in 4 hours 10 minutes.

One of the fastest and most durable marathon swimmers in her heyday in the 1980s, van der Laan has been competing on the professional marathon swimming circuit for 3 decades, arguably participating in more marathon swims and competing for greater distance than anyone in history.

Her career has included over 200 marathon swimming competitions where she has transitioned from being coached by her father early in her career to having her daughter Jolina Stap take over the reins in the later part of her career.

Olivier Ervyn, a Belgian who creates spectacular documentary photography, captured van der Laan getting out of her 20th successful completion of the Faros Maratón.

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