Nunn Are Faster Around Manhattan Island

Nunn Are Faster Around Manhattan Island

Favored swimmer Abigail Nunn comfortably won the 2012 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in 7 hours 36 minutes.

The decorated Yale University swimmer cruised to a 1200-meter lead as she entered the Hudson River and then maintained her lead down the choppy backstretch.

With the race still in progress, it appears that Mexico’s Javier Gutierrez, a fast English Channel swimmer, will get second with Victoria Rian of Indiana and Tom Fristoe are still racing in for third.

Nunn’s victory makes it three consecutive years that women have demonstrated their prowess over men around Manhattan Island. It is not a rarity. Nunn follows in the wake of American Erica Rose (2011), Australian Chloe McCardel (2010), Australian Penny Palfrey (2007), American Rendy Opdycke (2006), American Emily Watts (2002), American Dr. Tobie Smith (1999), Australian Shelley Taylor-Smith (1998, 1989, 1988, 1987 and 1985), Australian Tammy van Wisse (1997), American Gail Rice (1995), and Australian Susie Maroney (1994 and 1990 as a 15-year-old) as the overall winners.

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Steven Munatones