Nunn May Be Faster Than Men Around Manhattan

Nunn May Be Faster Than Men Around Manhattan

The who’s who of the global open water swimming community are gathering in New York City for the June 23rd Manhattan Island Marathon Swim. The annual 28.5-mile circumnavigation swim around the heart of New York City has grown so popular that is no longer an issue if a swimmer will complete the 28.5-mile loop, but rather how fast. The selection process is also growing increasingly competitive so that the field is filled up within minutes of entries being opened.

In the 1980s, athletes simply expressed interest and stepped up to the line. Now a channel swim across the English Channel or Catalina Channel is actually one of the possible prerequisites.

With such competition simply to get into the race, the competition in the race will be quite heavy. While some of the fastest masters swimmers in the world are peaking for the race (Victoria Rian, Tom Fristoe, Blair Cannon and Javier Gutierrez), they may be led out of the gate by young Yale University graduate Abigail Nunn.

Like the last two consecutive year where American Erica Rose (2011) and Australian Chloe McCardel (2010) won with men in their wake, the field is often lead by young female marathon swimmers. The race was also won by women in 2007 (Penny Palfrey), Rendy Opdycke (2006), Emily Watts (2002), Tobie Smith (1999), Shelley Taylor-Smith (1998, 1989, 1988, 1987 and 1985), Tammy van Wisse (1997), Gail Rice (1995), and Suzie Maroney (1994 and 1990 as a 15-year-old).

From America, Kevin Anderson (California), Dave Armento (Georgia), Patti Bauernfeind (California), Krystal Daymonde (Connecticut), James Fitzpatrick (California), Tom Fristoe (Oregon), Nial Funchion (Illinois), Daniel Fung (California), Fernando Garcia-Sotelo (Texas), Javier Gutierrez (California), Bridgette Hobart (New Jersey), John Humenik (New York), Melissa Kretschmer (New York), Darren Miller (Pennsylvania), Bob Needham (Oregon), Tina Neill (California), Kent Nicholas (Arizona), Abigail Nunn (Virginia), Emma Otto-Moudry (New York), Victoria Rian (Indiana), Kristian Rutford (Nebraska), Joni Young (Oregon), Blair Cannon (California), Andrew Malinak (New York), Courtney Paulk (Virginia), and John Hughes (New York) are entered.

From the Bahamas, William Lee (Man-O-War) is entered.

From Canada, Genevieve Mackwood (Ottawa) and Steve Faulkner (Ontario) are entered.

From the Czech Republic, Abhejali Bernardova (Zlin) is entered.

From Denmark, Bo Stenhuus (Svendborg) is entered.

From Ireland, Donal Buckley (Carrick-on-Suir) and Ciaran Byrne (Cork) are entered.

From Japan, Yuta Tsuboi (Tokyo) is entered.

From Northern Ireland, George Meenan (Derry) is entered.

From South Africa, Roger Finch (Johannesburg) is entered.

From the United Kingdom, Vanessa Hammond (London) and Graeme Lowe (Jersey) are entered.

From Italy, Thomas Kofler (Merano) is entered.

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