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Before You Watch the ‘Nyad’ Movie Online: What Really Happened, What They Got Wrong, and The True Grit of Marathon Swimming

This guide contains minimal spoilers When the silver screen takes on the vast expanse of open water, things are bound to get a little... wavy. For movie buffs and avid open water swimmers alike, the cinematic adaptation of Diana Nyad's book, "Find a Way" offers a big splash of drama and a deep dive into Diana Nyad’s relentless pursuit of a dream. But not

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Setting the Record Straight on “Nyad”: Addressing Press on the Actual First Swimmers to Cross Florida Straights, Walter Poenisch and Susan Maroney

After publishing “Nyad” on Netflix: The Swim, The Scandal, The Silence regarding Diana Nyad's Cuba to Florida swim and upcoming film "Nyad," there have been multiple press inquiries. This post addresses the most frequent questions as concisely as possible. The Florida Straits Open Water Swimming Association, (FOWSA/FSOWSA), Does Not Exist There is no

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