O!  Bill May And Field Enjoy A Desert Oasis

O! Bill May And Field Enjoy A Desert Oasis

Kara Robertson of Swim Las Vegas keeps growing in the middle of the American southwest desert. This weekend, Kara and crew attracted 265 competitors to an oasis in the American desert. The swimmers, along with 85 water craft and 50 volunteers, went to Lake Mead National Recreation Area for the 2nd Annual Slam The Dam Open Water Swim where four countries, 17 states and 41 U.S. Master Swimming teams were represented.

The field represented athletes from all ages and walks of life.

In the 8K race, local entertainer Bill May, a 32-year-old synchronized swimmer at one of the most popular shows on Las Vegas “O” by Cirque du Soliel, won in 1:50:03.

52-year-old former USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Team member Andy Bray of Huntington Beach, California won the Grand Slam and 1.2-mile Southwestern Zone Championships. He won both the 8K (1:50:25) and 1.2-mile (24:50) races with a combined time of 2:15:16. His female counterpart on the winner’s podium was fellow Californian Mallory Mead, a 25-year-old from Los Angeles who set the woman’s record with a combined time of 2:18:02 (8K in 1:52:59 and 1.2 miles in 25:02).

Local Kevin Scott won the Super Slam, the combined 2.4-mile (50:03) and 1.2-mile (25:15) races with a total time of 1:15:19. Kevin is a pastoral counselor at Renewing Life Center who was formerly a sprinter and middle distance swimmer in college.

Meredith Krom from California won the Super Slam and 2.4-mile races (56:34). Another Southern Californian Jan Tichy (shown above) set the 2.4-mile course record in 49:38. Interestingly, Jan is a 100-meter butterfly Olympic hopeful and is enjoying getting his feet wet by competing in open water swimming as cross training.

Other marathon swimming luminaries in the sport, from Linda Kaiser of Hawaii, to Kurt Baron and John Chung from the Ventura Deep Six relay, also competed in the 8K course amid the majestic strikingly beautiful desert oasis.

Photo of Jan Tichy courtesy of Kara Robertson of Swim Las Vegas.

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Steven Munatones