O Canada!  Oroville To Osoyoos

O Canada! Oroville To Osoyoos

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

45-year-old Paul Duffield from Canada is certainly versatile.

As Canada’s first certified ice swimmer, he showed his prowess in the warm-water (22.6ºC) Osoyoos Lake on September 6th when he completed an unprecedented international traverse across Osoyoos Lake.

Duffield explains the venue, “Osoyoos Lake is Canada’s warmest lake and is found in the country’s only true desert. The area is home to the hottest, driest climate and is a place we have visited many times.”

Now it was time to swim across the border, not drive across.

I swam from Oroville, Washington to Osoyoos, British Columbia across Osoyoos Lake. The 11 km swim took over a year to plan and 5 hours 45 minutes to complete. During my research, the Canadian Border Services Agency described the swim as ‘a very unusual request’ when I first spoke to them about it. The Agency and in particular Chief of Operations Alan Profili were nothing but supportive of this swim and were of course instrumental in getting the project off the ground. The swim was sponsored by FINIS who provided the gear including a Hydro Tracker GPS unit to recorded the swim stats.”

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The Oroville to Osoyoos swim report (see here) was compiled by Phred Martin.

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