O My! May Medals Again In Mixed Duet

O My! May Medals Again In Mixed Duet

Courtesy of Liz Corman.

We saw Bill May workout in Las Vegas,” said Lexie Kelly. “He is fast and tough, regularly doing some incredible hypoxic sets.”

Why was the U.S. Masters Swimming national 10 km champion doing hypoxic training?

Because he needs to hold his breath for long periods for his career (in the Las Vegas-based Cirque du Soleil show called O!) and for his primary sport (synchronized swimming).

May, a former competitive swimmer from New York and an excellent masters open water swimmer, is a pioneer in the sport of synchronized swimming. Today, May won his fourth career FINA World Championship medal by taking a bronze in the Mixed Duet Technical routine synchronized swimming event in Budapest, Hungary. Earlier in the week, he won another bronze with Kanako Kitao Spendlove in the Mixed Duet Free event to add to his two other medals won at the 2015 FINA World Championships in the same two events.

Competitive swimming, national-level open water swimming, world-class synchronized swimming, and professional swimming as a career – that is quite a creative hybrid of aquatic talents for the 38-year-old Las Vegas athlete.

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