Observations From London - Swimming The Canoe Slalom

Observations From London – Swimming The Canoe Slalom

Is it just us – or would it not be totally cool to swim the Olympic canoe slalom course?

We want to swim with a helmet and knee pads, but we’d like to give the white-water course a try.

Thinking out loud, it would be exciting to swim through the gates and navigate the currents along the roughwater venue. Imagine if groups of swimmers – perhaps 4 – were set off together in a special roughwater slalom race 500m in length with 25 gates.

What would also be even more interesting to attempt – and watch – is negotiating the red- and green-colored gates. The green gates can be negotiated downstream, but at least six gates are red. These red poles – significantly harder to swim through – are required to be negotiated upstream, against the current. Sweet!

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Steven Munatones