Observing Channel Swims Up North

Observing Channel Swims Up North

Courtesy of Brian Meharg, Bangor Boat, .

The North Channel schedule is becoming crowded as the 21-mile channel between Scotland and Northern Ireland is becoming more and more popular.

The Irish Long Distance Swimming Association held its first one-day course on April 30th for volunteers who will serve as observers. “The ILDSA asked via Facebook if anyone would like to attend the course,” explains Brian Meharg. “They were delighted to have 20 people from all walks of life turn up.

As a pilot, I took this opportunity to thank the group for their time and willingness to witness a swimmer gain an outstanding achievement. I appreciate their help and involvement

The course delved into all manors and situations that may happen on the day led by Honorary Secretary Pippa Campbell and Gary Knox. Also one of Ireland’s most well-known channel swimmers Fergal Somerville attended to answer questions from a swimmer’s point of view.

The day was such a success the ILDSA plan to hold another course on the May 28th

For more information, visit www.ildsa.info.

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