Obsession With Swimming In The Sea

Obsession With Swimming In The Sea

Theodore Yach of Cape Town, South Africa writes in his brilliantly colorful and thoroughly entertaining autobiography, In My Element, “It was always my intention to aim for 50 Robben Island crossings before I turned 50 years old. It was also my intention to retire once I had reached this milestone.”

77 crossings after his first one in 1981, the successful entrepreneur and open water swimming ambassador writes, “…obviously that plan fell by the wayside.”

So what drives an open water swimmer to continue when they have reached their personal goals?

Yach explains an inner drive and desire that many can profoundly understand. “I am obsessed with swimming and more particularly with swimming in the sea.” In Yach’s case, there is a special attraction to a specific waterway. “…I have developed a love for the smell of the kelp forests and all the creatures that I have come across – or more to the point – that have found me…[especially the various routes between Robben Island and Cape Town].”

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Steven Munatones