Ocean Ambassadors Work In And Out Of The Water

Ocean Ambassadors Work In And Out Of The Water

Courtesy of Catharyn Hayne.

Ocean Ambassadors with Ocean Recovery Alliance are individuals who help spread the word about the marine environment through sports and other activities in their daily lives. Their excellence in athletics or other personal achievements has made them leaders in their respective specialties,” said Doug Woodring, founder of Ocean Recovery Alliance. “We are honored to have them as ocean ambassadors who support our efforts to improve the health of the ocean.”

They include:

* Marathon swimmer Diego López Dominguez from the Canary Islands
* Surfer and water polo player Johnny Hooper from Southern California
* Chef Matthew Dolan from San Francisco
* Olympic swimmer Alain Bernard from France
* Ocean adventurist Alvaro de Marichalar from Spain
* Marathon stage swimmer Martin Strel from Slovenia
* Sailor Nick Moloney from Australia
* Open water swimmer Singha Chau from Thailand
* Paddler Ryan Cheung from Hong Kong
* Olympic swimmer, triathlete and pentathlete Sheila Taormina from the USA
* Surfer Shu Juan Guo (aka Monica) from China
* Free driver William Trubridge from Tenerife
* Ocean swimmer Marcos Díaz from the Dominican Republic
* Surfer Darcy Liu from China
* Paddler Anna Mathisen from Oahu
* Filmmaker and musician Gary Bencheghib from France
* Paddler Kacie Wallace from North Carolina
* Windsurfer Rob Hofmann from Italy
* Marathon swimmer and learn-to-swim aquapreneur Simon Holliday from Hong Kong
* Actor Jake Choi from Hong Kong
* Olympic swimmer Hannah Wilson from Hong Kong
* Kiteboarding pioneer Chip Wasson from California
* Channel swimmer Jen Schumacher from Southern California
* Entrepreneur Ryan Blair from Hong Kong
* Marathon swimmer, musician and producer Carina Bruwer from South Africa
* Surfer Wolf Wertheimer from Hong Kong
* Singer, songwriter and open water swimmer Jane Walker from Australia

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