Ocean Care Solutions Launches In California, Texas And Florida

Ocean Care Solutions Launches In California, Texas And Florida

Ocean Care Solutions will launch its Jellyfish Sting Relief Solution, Portuguese Man o’ War, Sea Urchin, Stingray and Fire Coral products across the United States beginning in January 2012.

From Southern California and Texas to North Carolina and Florida, the full line of Ocean Care Solutions’ First Aid Kits will be distributed and sold.

Its Jellyfish Sting Relief Solution includes the medically recommended 5% acetic acid solution in 1 oz. individual and 4 oz. family size spray bottles. The solution has proven effective on several species of jellyfish including the Box Jellyfish, Mauve Jellyfish, Lion’s Man Jellyfish, the Sea Nettle Jellyfish, Sea Wasps and other sting organisms.

Developing the products took significant time, energy and resources for its creator Kevin Freeman, a diver and beach enthusiast. “It seemed to me there was more myth and various public perceptions wrapped up in these envonmations than significant medically supported protocol. I started by interviewing lifeguards, beach rescue units, open water swimmers, kayakers, surfers, windsurfers, sports fishing groups, divers and beach goers all over the U.S. coastal reaches, asking what they would use in case they were stung.”

I was amazed at the various first aid claims from urine, baking soda, coca-cola, wine, vodka to some pretty wild formulas. I also discovered that sea urchins, fire coral and to a lessor extent, stingrays were responsible for plenty of additional animal injuries sustained at or around the beach. Something had to be done.”

Kevin’s research led him to study the work and recommendations of jellyfish envenomation expert from the University of Maryland Dermatology Department Professor J.W. Burnett who had earlier established the Consortium of Jellyfish Stings. Dr. Burnett tested first aid protocols, debunked myths, refuted first aid claims and exposed placebos in his research. Along the way, Dr. Burnett made recommendations that vinegar is the centerpiece to painful jellyfish sting relief based on a 1983 study of the Australian Blue Bottle.

His recommendations that a 5% acetic acid solution worked well as a neutralizer for sting toxins were collaborated by medical studies by Dr. G. Patrick Daubert, University of California Davis, Georgetown Medical, Marine Sting Institute, Queensland Health, Australian Medical Journal 2008, Australian Resuscitation Council, the World Health Organization, American Heart Association, the American Red Cross and Dr. Paul Auerbach of Stanford Medical.

The products are sold in gold foil pouches that are watertight and light weight (14 ounces)for ocean swimmers, surfers, wind surfers, kayakers, fishermen, divers and snorkelers. For more information, visit here.

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