Ocean Navigating Across The Tsugaru Channel

Ocean Navigating Across The Tsugaru Channel

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Under the guidance of escort boat pilot Captain Mizushima, Ocean Navi‘s relay team of Atusko Tamaru (タマル アツコ), Sakae Morikawa (モリカワ サカエ), Kiyoko Inoue (イノウエ キヨコ), Morihiko Inokuma (イノクマ モリヒコ), Sanae Kataoka (カタオカ サナエ), and Tamotsu Naito (ナイトウ タモツ) completed the season’s first successful relay crossing in 13 hours 33 minutes.

The team took off at 2 am at Tappi Misaki and cruised over to the start at Kodomari in order to swim the longer and more conservative Kodomari Route.

At the first hint of daybreak, they started on Honshu at 5:12 am and finished on Hokkaido at 6:45 pm after a full day of swimming and churning up and down in the Tsugaru turbulence.

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