Ocean Swimming In A Cement Pond

Ocean Swimming In A Cement Pond

There are chlorinated alternative training opportunities as the warm, long summer days morph into shorter, colder daytime experiences.

Now is the time to work on the skills that will get you through the water with speed and ease,” advises Bruckner Chase, Swimming & Ocean Sports Editor of Liberty Sports. It simply takes a bit of effort, some imagination and cooperation of the pool manager and coach.

There is a lack of regular access to safe and accessible open water training venues where specific skills like sighting, drafting and pack racing can be learned and mastered [during the winter months].

The concept of Pool Open Water (POW) is simple: Remove the lane lines, drop in some buoys and stop following the black line

POW set-ups typically call for the lane lines are removed and buoys are placed at each corner, roughly three to five yards from each side. “There are inexpensive neon buoys available, but even large bright balloons will work. Anchors need to be heavy enough to keep the marker in place as packs swim past, and most importantly anchors need to be chosen and placed on the bottom so they don’t scratch or crack the pool. Commonly used items are 8-pound mushroom anchors or the pellet weight bags used by scuba divers.”

The limitations are only determined by the imagination, and there is virtually no open water race scenario that can’t be duplicated save waves, weather and wildlife.

For more information, visit POW.

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Steven Munatones