Ocean Swimming Phenomena

Ocean Swimming Phenomena

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

There are many phenomena that cause us to smile in the open water. Some of these things are inherently quite simple, but we appreciate the sport on a profoundly deep level because of them.

For example… We love swimming in the ocean, especially when the swim starts off in cloudy conditions…and then the skies open up to a bright blue hue of cloudless skies.

We love it when a wave comes in as we swim to shore and it picks us up and enables us to bodysurf the last 30 meters.

We love it when we find an unexpected current pushing us along at a faster pace.

We love it when we get out after a long swim and take the first few bites of a post-swim meal.

We love it when we hit a warm spot in a cold ocean.

We love it when dolphins swim underneath and beside us.

We love it when we can see the coral reefs, rock formations and ocean floor below us.

We love it when we look up and the finish is much closer than expected.

We love getting to the other side.

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Steven Munatones